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Ah, the mystery that is me. Or not. Actually, the more fascinating mystery are my Ontyre books. I talk about them quite often, which makes sense since they’re so much a part of me, yet they remain largely hidden.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

More hidden than some aspects of my life like that I’m a Taurus, INFJ, Montanan born in New York, and share my space with two unemployed cats. I also suffer from Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, practice mindfulness, and walk a lot. There are so many more details and classifications that I fall under, but the classification that’s important at the moment is writer.

Which brings me back to the novels. Aren’t there like—I don’t know—a hundred? Why don’t they ever appear? Do they even exist? The learning continues seemingly forever, yet the books are nowhere to be seen. What’s going to happen to them and when?

Can’t say as I’d blame anyone for wondering, though the first of those I’ll publish was only drafted 18 months ago. Still, it might seem as though I’m off wandering in the woods and lost. Sometimes I wonder the same myself, but here are some answers…

I’ll get the most awkward out of the way first. I intend, at this point, to self-publish (more on this later). I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a perfectionist (see INFJ classification above), but I also respect my readers. That means a quality product that requires professional assistance. That costs and my health has been erratic (see Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis above). I’m striving to overcome, but meanwhile I keep writing.

Moving right along…

It’s difficult to define my novels. The simple answer? Fantasy. Also otherworld fantasy. They contain epic storylines, but they aren’t what you think of as epic fantasy. There are elements of steampunk, but not exactly. In other words, the stories fall into a niche, which means I’ll self-publish. I’ll also pave the way with short stories to acquaint readers with Ontyre and how it works. That means, of course, I’ll keep writing.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Even the novels with other casts are vital to the overall series (all the arcs eventually come together) so having a number of them fairly far along in the process is a good idea for consistency. What do I mean by that? Just today while walking my thoughts turned to another planned “other cast” novel that’s important to the series. I stopped short, eyes wide. I’d finally resolved a critical issue utilizing Ontyre magic. But. Big but here. It requires an action to occur in Bk2 (I’m editing it right now!). Imagine if I hadn’t worked this out before Bk2 was published? So, yeah, I’ll keep writing, and with added fervor.

Last, when self-publishing it’s advantageous to assemble a catalog as quickly as possible so there are other books available for readers to sample. The way it’s going I’ll probably have five novels drafted before the first makes it to publication (at present 3 are in different stages of editing and the 4th is in the planning stage). Big surprise. I need to keep writing.

All this comes down to a strategy (or so I like to think). Keep writing. Submit short stories for publication. Eventually self-publish. There are ways to pursue financing—I’m well aware of that—and when other matters are resolved I’ll consider those options. For now, I’ll keep writing.

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  2. Christina — What’s “otherworld fantasy” (as distinct from just plain fantasy?)
    I notice that in this picture, your cat has the same expression you do in your Web site portrait. 🙂

    • Ha ha…we become our pets (or they become us). “Otherworld fantasy” is a term I use to differentiate from historical fantasy or any other genre where the setting is a slightly altered earth. For instance, a lot of steampunk is set in London. Paranormal is often set in present day, but includes werewolves, magic, etc. That’s all. Both can be done well, but some people prefer one or the other.

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