Knee-Deep in Retreat

Last week I blogged about Extreme Weather and how that which is most adaptable to global warming is bacteria. And then the last week happened and I’m just a bit irked.

It hasn’t been a case of the global warming bill coming due. It’s more like global warming gaining access to all the info it needs to gain access to our collective bank account.

You can’t make this stuff up…

Last week—yes, just last week—Harvey happened. All time record rainfall. Another in the lengthening list of 100-year floods in recent years.

Free Pixabay image.

Free Pixabay image.

Now, Irma is setting Atlantic wind speed records. Already homes and lives have disappeared and she’s headed for Florida. Jose is now a hurricane, though at present it’s unlikely he’ll threaten the U.S. coast (small consolation for the islands he may hit). Oh, and Katia is ready to batter Mexico.

Yes, three hurricanes—at the moment.

With Irma following Harvey it’s possible the two most expensive hurricanes in history may occur back-to-back. Think on that. How long before flood insurance is impossible to obtain?

Meanwhile, out here in the west the wildfire situation has worsened. Believe me, given my chronic lung disease I’m sensitive to smoke increases. Still, my assessment is based on reports and maps—and that our poor 5.0-7.0 mile visibility in town has become 1.2-3.0 mile visibility.

A record fire in LA. More fires popping up all over the west…

Records. Records. Records.

In the midst of it all I stumbled across an amazing article you can read HERE. Basically, it delved into the dangers associated with the permafrost thawing due to global warming. Here I was worrying about mutating bacteria, but now we have melting ice and thawing permafrost exposing ancient bacteria to the air again—and some of them are waking up!

Free Pixabay image.

Free Pixabay image.

For instance, in Siberia a long frozen, animal with anthrax caused a number of people to become ill after it thawed. A boy died.

Along with other threats is the threat of carbon from the thawing permafrost releasing into the atmosphere and causing the planet to—you guessed it—warm even more. Lucky us, that also means more Extreme Weather.

More recent articles on the topic can be found HERE and HERE and HERE.

How about the parasites once restricted to the tropics spreading north. For instance, “Rat Lungworm.” It can infect the brain and is currently spreading in Florida where Irma may soon create an unhealthy environment like Harvey did in Texas and Louisiana. I found a short paper on Rat Lungworm HERE.

This is all without touching on the impact to crops, wildlife, and ocean levels.

This is real and it’s happening—now, and the impact is in more than flooding mansions on on beachfront properties. It’s in lives and dollars, not just the dollars to repair, but the increased number of dollars we’ll all need to pay for fuel, food, and shelter.

There are alternatives, alternatives that both help slow global warming and create jobs. Money spent to advance, not fund our retreat. Advancements are happening, some even in this country, but far more in other countries.

Free Pixabay image.

Free Pixabay image.

The country near and dear to my heart, the United States of America, was always a leader. Liberty’s torch. Apollo. Even iPhones. That’s American spirit and ingenuity. Not crawling away and cowering from the world, from challenges.

So, let’s build more technological fun stuff and let someone else deal with the tough issues. Really? That’s us now? Seriously?

In the military they say to not fight the next war like it was the last war. That’s true now.

War is upon us, everyone. It’s happening. But we’re fighting the last one with fossil fuels, outdated infrastructure, and too many closed minds.

This is it, WWIII, and the enemy has landed troops in Houston. Others have parachuted behind the lines all over the west to burn our lands. An invasion is planned for Florida. Creatures we’ve never seen before or that have been absent for tens of thousands of years are appearing.

Sound strange?

Because it is. It’s the next war. How many Dunkirks must there be before we say “Enough!” and launch a D-Day for a new age?

We are the United States of America. We are diversity of people and ideas. We are the equal of any challenge when we’re United. I can spew slogans endlessly, but it’s time to shove aside the disbelief and the distractions and those who fear change.

Change is here.



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