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Is this the late September scramble? The what? Well, I’m not sure if this scramble is really a thing as much as it’s the label I’m putting on my state of affairs at the moment. Yes, I’m scrambling, but it’s more about juggling tasks and less about completing a project. H’m, maybe it’s more of a transition.

No, make that multiple transitions occurring at the same time.

Let’s take a walk and I’ll touch on all of them…

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I’m oh so thankful because, for a change, I’m entering the new season illness free thanks to great pulmonologists. On the heels of a retirement, I met my new doctor this past Tuesday and he’s Super smart! I like that in a pulmonologist. Hopefully my health will continue along the consistent path it’s been on since last January.

How about the seasonal change here in western Montana? A couple of weeks ago it was unseasonably hot and smoky. Now? Cool and cloudy. Still, the air is clear and yesterday I was ever so thankful to take a walk on a warm, autumn day.

On the writing front, I’m wrapping up my first full edit of Trust in the Forgotten. The end, it turns out, is a big undertaking. It isn’t that I’m changing the ending—I’m not—but I’m drastically changing how it’s presented. When I talk of the ending I’m not referring to the climax, but all that comes after: the denouement. In my excitement while sprinting to the end I wrote a pale, over-simplified ending.

At the same time, October is nearly here and that means NaNoWriMo approaches. It’s my intention to work on a small backstory project that will aid editing A River in Each Hand, a topic I addressed two weeks ago HERE. Some of October will be devoted to planning it. In fact, I’ve already begun and am already recognizing where the project could get out of control. After all, I’m talking about backstory spanning 3 years.

I’m pleased to announce that October marks my second tilt as the Hashtag Leader for my Twitter community, Writing Challenge.org (#OctWritingChallenge will be the hashtag). The energy will be intense with NaNo right around the corner. Newcomers are always welcome. Encouragement abounds and there are daily and weekly shoutouts. It’s a great place to interact and learn.

And if you plan to participate in NaNo this year Writing Challenge is great training ground or warm-up.

Daily minimums? Either 500 words or 1 hour of editing. Accomplishing one or the other or both earns a shoutout the next day. Otherwise, no penalty. We’re all about succeeding.

The group has a fair number of present and former members who’ve published via one route or another. That represents considerable experience and, well, positive vibes.

The hashtag changes every month, but the positive group dynamics never die. I wrote before the group, but I’ve written consistently since joining. Try it. Unlike NaNo, it’s every month.

Consistency and encouragement are powerful tools to have available.



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