Wk2 NaNo Update: Uncovering a Prequel

Here we are into the second week of NaNoWriMo. I couldn’t be more pleased with how my prequel is coming along other than having some worries that it’s going to run far longer than I’d like. Worries for winning are minimal at this point since I’ll probably accomplish that this weekend. What I’d rather accomplish is completing the novel and that could bleed over into December.

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

If it does, it does.

Despite being out of town for five days, I’ve settled into a comfortable pace, my typical big days ending with 4-6K.

You know, I’m okay with that.

It’s a decent pace and is producing a draft that possesses sufficient detail and depth for me to have ample story to work with when I edit later. Although, this story was never intended to receive this level of attention.

It’s backstory.

It was never intended for publication, but to enhance the other books.

Then it grew into a prequel.

How did that happen? How did a glorified narrative designed to serve the other books become a legitimate book in its own right? Reveals. I should have seen it coming. After all, there were a few holes (aka mysteries) needing filled in and over the course of the story (aka suspense) answers are provided.

That was just the beginning, because the characters have seen to it that even within this book there are other, unanticipated, moments, further enhancing this book and the others.

NaNo Cover: CA Hawthorne

NaNo Cover: CA Hawthorne

The thread I thought I knew best took on new life with one simple question: He must have had a love interest before he entered the other stories, so who was it, what happened to her, what impact did that have on him. Can of worms officially opened.

The other thread was the one I knew I needed to explore. Basically, it’s a (maybe) failed romance, at least it is when it’s revealed in Bk2. So, what happened? Yeah, you’re already laughing. You know the result when we ask questions. I’m discovering what happened—and a whole lot more. Thus far there are growing sparks between the characters, but also a shared secret—and there’s still most of the story to go!

It’s frustrating when I try to talk about the book in detail since it’s packed full of spoilers for the books that follow.

The big positive is that the narrative outline I put together this time is performing as well as the one back in April. I’m homing in on the process that works best for me. There’ve been plenty of spontaneous inspiration already, but none has caused straying from the basic plan.

The biggest offenses thus far have been scenes intended as one becoming two instead. I can live with that!

Another pleasant development is that, although this story is deepening the characters and their relationships as relates to later books, none of what I’m discovering will cause any substantial changes when revising the others.

Ah, revision. I’ll be doing a lot of that.

No more novel drafting until next NaNo. That’s a vow! Write it down. Bookmark this page. None. If I participate in Camp NaNo I’ll set a low goal and write short stories. No. More. Novels. When this one is complete it’ll be the fourth one worthy of developing. Trust in the Forgotten, A River in Each Hand, Torment Surfacing, and now Exhuming Truths.

That’s more than enough. Seriously, if I cycled through them one each month, each would sit for three months before I returned to it again. Perfect. But enough is enough.



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