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Time flies. Curiosity grabbed me recently and so I visited my About page. Oh wow. It was 18 months old, which in my writing life is ancient history. Too, it was written during a period when I was sick and the tone was not as uplifting as I would have liked.

Author in recovery. Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

It also had a tendency to wander off on topics unrelated to my writing.

Enough of that.

Thanks to great pulmonologists and making great strides in my writing, including drafting three complete novels in the World of Ontyre, I’m feeling pretty good.

This week my blogging time was devoted to a new About page that you’re welcome to read.

Sadly, there wasn’t enough room for the following facts:

1. I was raised by woodland creatures who had no sense of fashion.
2. In order to standstill I have to run as fast backwards as forwards.
3. Too much of each day is spent figuring out how to win arguments with my cats.
4. I like to start my day with an omelet utilizing eggs from dinosaur descendants.
5. The day I was supposed to takeover the world I overslept.


2 Replies to “New About Page”

  1. I love those facts about you! Maybe it’s time for me as well to have a look on my about page, wich is even older than yours was… actual my whole blog is neglected…i realy should do something about it..

    • Thank you! Many people keep theirs brief or vague so they can leave it up forever. This just how I approach it. It isn’t a calculated decision, just me being me. It’s a good way to remain in the public eye and give people the opportunity to sample your work. I try to keep it current mostly because (hopefully) my writing is always improving. Even so, my priority is always the fiction. Without it the blog isn’t necessary.

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