Leave of Absence

This is a different kind of post, but one of my most important in the five years I’ve been blogging. I want to say at the outset that I appreciate each person who’s viewed, subscribed, or commented on my posts. You’ve all sustained me in my quest to improve my writing and the World of Ontyre, along with its many characters like Riparia, Glistenelle, Maniff, Kasaria, and Vistanna.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

In the five years I’ve been blogging I’ve missed a few Tuesday/Saturday poem posts due to illnesses that clouded my brain as to the correct day. Also over that span, I’ve missed only one Thursday blog post and that was to attend a funeral in January 2014.

I’m at an important crossroads and therefore announcing a leave of absence until August. Traditionally, my readership has been minimal during those months anyway, but I need the time to not only rest, but to mull where I go from here.

There are a few knowns. One is that the website isn’t GDPR compliant, so for the moment I’ve removed the sign-up. Another is that I’m having issues with a website that’s been a significant financial drain all these years and I need to find financial solutions that would also enable publishing. Finally, I need to reassess my approach to my writing career. My years writing have been marred by horrific lung-related illnesses, but thanks to fantastic pulmonologists I’ve been relatively healthy in the last year and that’s opened my eyes to my jumbled, wandering approach.

I dearly hope you all have a wonderful summer, or winter, as the case may be.


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