The Plan for Autumn 2018

Oh yes, autumn. Cooler air invades, the leaves turn, drizzle glistens on the pavement, and I burn with inspiration. No wonder I’m not a summer drafter. You want to talk about plans? I have plans for this autumn that are ambitious and even if I fell short I’d still have a lot to show for my efforts.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I don’t intend to fall short.

I’m a fantasy writer, in case anyone is wondering (if you’ve read this far you must be wondering about something). As I alluded to last week, my focus coming back from my hiatus is my fiction, meaning my unique brand of fantasy.

The one project that remains on hold until the dead of winter is world building for the Pannulus novels, though there are a healthy number of Pannulus short stories.

So, the upcoming projects that will happen…

September: Rewrite the periphery novel Essence Stone (started a few days ago). In this case, periphery means the same country and timeline, but different characters. It was written in July 2017, but the separate plot lines didn’t work together (not to mention chemistry between the two lead characters was absent). The offending parts are already removed. The reason I decided to tackle this is there are events in it that influence Riparia’s Bk3. Speaking of which…

October: Finish the narrative outline for Bk3. I’ve written notes as far as the story’s midpoint and know much of what comes after. Already my work on the Essence Stone rewrite is bringing Bk3 increasingly into focus.

November: Draft Bk3 during NaNo (my fifth NaNo). I haven’t yet settled on the title.

Okay, back to the present moment…

My brand of fantasy is a bit different. I’ve read similar, though I’ll save comparisons for another time. I write otherworld fantasy that has plenty of magic and adventure, but I fear that’s all that comes across on the blog. After all, I talk a lot about the magic system and maps and the like. Why? Because it’s easy. It’s more difficult to talk about characters and societal issues in the novels without revealing the stories.

I need to try harder.

On the website at present there are three tales under the Short Stories heading:

Cover: CA Hawthorne

Cover: CA Hawthorne

Gryphon Gray is a 4.6K historical Ontyre short story that’s the closest I’ve come to High Fantasy, though it captures much about my writing style.

Stepping Stones is flash fiction and a contemporary Earth tale (yes, I write those on occasion, as well as sci-fi) that tackles a social issue, but with a twist.

The Bridge in Distant Farthing is a fantasy flash fiction and takes place in Pannulus. Given its length it doesn’t have the opportunity to reveal much world building outside a glimpse at witches so, rather than an Ontyre meal it’s more of a taste and, of course, with a twist.

The short stories I share online are, in a way, a resumé and should reflect my writing from varied angles. This summer I concluded there was a gap, or missing aspects, to my writing I wanted to show. Truly, I’m explaining this badly because the best way I explain isn’t by telling in a blog, but by showing via fiction.

Well, I’m going to take care of that.

Next week I’m going to post a 5K short story. It takes place in Pannulus (there aren’t any Carrdia short stories, as it happens). It’s about a successful young woman who’s weighed down by the past people won’t let her forget—and then a piece of that past boards an airship flight with her. There’s a fair amount of humor and airship technology is glimpsed, along with an LGBTIQ issue as seen through the eyes of Ontyre.

Yes, to celebrate the blog’s return, next week I’ll post Taking Flight.

See you then.

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  2. Wow! Your plans really are ambitious! I have a question about them though. In how many small parts do you split your plans? Are there daily goals? Weekly wordcounts or hours you want to reach? Or do you use a different approach? I’m looking for something new or different. While the 500 daily words (or 1hr of editing) of our challange help me with the continuous writing, i feel that i’m lacking a genereal overview about what i can achieve in a month/week/year. (i’m not sure i’m explaining that right…)

    Can’t wait to read your story! 🙂

    • Like you, I use our challenge to encourage continuous writing even when working on other things like maps, though I tend to write most everything as a narrative if I can.

      When I’m strict with goals is when I draft. I must move rapidly or I become distracted or overanalyze (learned from Ray Bradbury). Like with NaNo, my concern is averaging enough words/day to reach the goal in a month. If I stop I lose momentum. Thus, I estimate. Short stories take 1-2 days. A novel (125K) takes 30 days or less, though that was before working part-time.

      Editing is harder. I don’t like to say “this many scenes per day” because some take longer or inspiration strikes. If I have a system it’s to estimate by the day. Rewriting Essence Stone entails editing AND writing. My goal is completion before the 4th week of Sept by averaging at least 3.0 hrs/day, and while allowing for new words produced.

      Whenever I’ve tried to adopt a strict system it always fails and I’m demoralized. What I do is a mix of many, many systems adopted to my needs. Feel free to ask for more specific details if needed. 🙂

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