World of Ontyre: Transgamete

Choosing the city of Transgamete to lead off my new Saturday posts about the World of Ontyre was simple. It’s centrally located in Carrdia, is it’s largest city, and is the country’s capital. All that alone makes it intriguing, but there’s far more…

Map: CA Hawthorne

Click to enlarge. Map: CA Hawthorne

Geography & Climate
Transgamete is located on the northern tip of Royalty Island between Crown Lake and Lake Radiance, the largest lake on the continent. It’s connected to the mainland via two bridges. To the west, Empire engineers carved a natural bridge to create one capable of serving a busy city. To the east, those same engineers created a long-lasting mysquanmic steel bridge, though there’s also regular ferry service.

Although on an island, it surrounds small Lake Gython. The city is also near the effluence of the country’s three largest northern rivers, the Chill, Wizard’s Well, and Rift. The land is predominately flat, summer’s hot and humid with ample rainfall, the winters producing modest snowfall.

Early History
The city predates even the Emprensen Empire and the Aramon Kingdom before that. Originally it was a fishing village named Gython, but during the later days of the Empire it was renamed for political purposes.

The Empire had conquered over half of the continent, but not Mythwyll and Forstava in the far west. Mythwyll was the homeland of the dwindling elves and Forstava home to the related ora’ean. Perceiving cracks in the Empire’s might, they bought time and avoided a devastating war by choosing to join the Empire. As expected, they maintained a level of autonomy while the Empire was preoccupied.

Still, to celebrate their hollow victory, the Empire renamed the city Transgamete since it marked the halfway point between Mlorashire (the Forstava capital) and Brillica (the Empire capital in Emprensa). Further, they constructed massive Union Arch to mark the halfway point on the road between the two capitals.

It was all a lie, of course, because the road ended at the Forstava border since the elves and ora’ean don’t have roads.

Carrdia was a backwater Empire province given its isolation, but that isolation saved it when the Empire collapsed. The Kingdom of Carrdia emerged from the ashes and Transgamete became its capital, though not unscathed. The arch survived, but the library was burned.

Modern Transgamete
The king’s palace was built on Axis Hill beside Lake Gython, but the city was administered by the Nine Families, a council with representatives from the nine most powerful families in the city. Although magic remained central to the country, given the strong involvement of wizards in the Empire’s demise, a strict separation of power was established and wizards were refused a permanent presence the city.

In 4113 everything changed when wizards turned sorcerers helped the king’s son overthrow the government. The sorcerers’ newly formed Dioptric Ministry established a temple in the city, magic beyond their own was outlawed, and the country fell into ruin. Transgamete, though, remained the economic heart of the city, the Nine Families Council becoming as corrupt as sorcerers.

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