World of Ontyre: Meldenphire

Oh how I’ve looked forward to this post. I almost wrote about the city of Meldenphire the first week of this series, but decided to restrict myself to Carrdia cities initially.

Map: CA Hawthorne

Map: CA Hawthorne

It’s time.

This week’s look at locations in the World of Ontyre focuses on Meldenphire. Oh, Meldenphire. I could probably write a novel about it. Oh, wait, I did. Historically, it has no equal, yet its role has changed over time, and continues to change. Let’s go!

Geography & Climate
Meldenphire is located south of the largest lake on the continent and where the largest river, the Key, joins with another massive watercourse flowing out of Forstava, the Thail Water. To the north is the Knarr Range.

Closer, Lake Genessa sits at the feet of the Knarr Range and within the city limits is Lake Primagon, the two connected by the Mystt River that flows into the Thail Water. The city was known for canals that assisted commerce within the city and to bypass obstructions on both the Key River and the Thail Water.

Its climate is a tricker issue. In the past it was a land of broadleaf deciduous and needleleaf evergreen trees. The summers were mild and humid with ample rainfall. Winters were moderate with ample snowfall, the canals freezing in the winters.

Courtesy: Pixabay

Courtesy: Pixabay

Then, everything changed and the climate ran amuck and it became choked with rain, fog, and low clouds every day. Visibility, at best, is fifty feet or less.

Early History
Thousands of years ago it was a trading center on great rivers where goods had to be moved overland from the Key River to reach Lake Radiance in Carrdia. Later came the Aramon Kingdom, which ruled much of central Tremjara for a couple of millennia. It became a cultural center then, an enlightened, progressive city where many peoples gathered and exchanged ideas, including humans, ora’ean, elves (who still survived then), neanders, hobs, merchins, rhonitions, and the occasional bru.

Eventually, the Emprensen Empire in the east defeated Aramon, yet Meldenphire rose again, not as the enlightened city of earlier, but as the Empire’s western capital. It prospered. Great towers rose, some serving as airship landing stations.

Great magics had existed in the city for thousands of year and then the Empire collapsed into chaos, and while Carrdia fought for its life, much of that magic was trapped…

Modern Day Meldenphire
To say the city was abandoned and collapsed into ruin doesn’t tell the tale, for the magic rooted to the place seeped to the surface. Even while nature was reclaiming the city and the great towers were falling, Meldenphire became a cauldron of residual magic.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Looters journeyed to the city seeking riches only to be caught in residual magic loops. Most died, some became twisted creatures. Werewolves and ghosts moved in. New, giant beasts were created. Those braving the city who possessed magic and avoided the roaming dangers, the residual magic would prey upon your minds.

At the tip of the city where the rivers meet the ancient palace remains mostly intact, long ago having sunk into the ground as if for its own protection. Its the place where even the monsters are hesitant to go…

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