NaNo Update: Rolling Over Speed Bumps

The first week of NaNoWriMo ends and the infamous Week 2 begins. It’s never claimed me as a victim, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize its malevolent self. I survive because preparation is the best defense, whether it be stocking up on groceries, planning meals, or having an outline.

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

So far, so good (not perfect, just good).

I’ve run into some minor issues this first week, but they’ve been speed bumps rather than walls, places where the outline was skimpy and I had to slow down and fill in. Thankfully, even though it slowed me down, as soon as I passed those points I surged ahead.

That’s one kind of problem.

Currently, I’m dealing with the another kind that I run into that eats into my time, but I’ll never complain. It’s why I always have a flexible outline and an open mind.

Just past the First Plot Point I was struck with an idea that’d further enhance several scenes in a row. It involved a character crossing over from one of the periphery novels (same timeline, different characters). Yeah, okay, it was neat to have a character crossover, but it also made perfect sense, which was why I couldn’t reject the idea.

Seriously, it made so much sense that I sat staring and speechless for a full minute, and then there was another minute where I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

*It also solved a minor problem that I’d procrastinated on resolving. Win-win.

It’s slowed my pace, but I’ve still reached my goal each day. Yes, I’m slightly insane and hoping to finish the full draft this month. The plan is for 3,500 words/day on work days and 5,500/day on my days off. Ambitious? Of course it is, but the worst thing that can happen is that I fall short and end up with 90% of a novel.


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