What Happened to 2018?

The middle of the holiday season? Really? Here in Missoula, up until Christmas Eve, all we had was patchy snow and the forecast was calling for some flurries in the morning. Instead, it snowed most of the day, eventually layering the city with about four inches of the white stuff.

Nothing could have been more picturesque than the walk to my car on Christmas Eve, the snow still falling and stately homes all around.

I’m continuing with my short stories and am currently starting my ninth this month. I’m also on the next-to-the-last of the Thornwillow student short stories. Two remain to be written and I’ll be close enough to finishing them by the 31st that I won’t hesitate to finish up on the first of the year if necessary.

All of which makes me realize this is my last blog post of 2018. There were gains through the year. Thanks to the pulmonologist’s in Missoula, my health has improved as much as possible, and I even returned to work (part-time) for the first time in five years.

Photo: CA Hawthorne
Photo: CA Hawthorne

I rewrote two problem novels, drafted a Pannulus novel in the spring and a Carrdia novel during NaNo, and wrote—thus far for the year—nine short stories. Most of the year, though, was spent editing. I’ve added to my more polished short stories and went through every one of the Carrdia novels once, except for the one drafted in November.

That’s a lot of productivity, almost obsessive, I have to admit, but for me it’s about more than producing words or stories, it’s therapy.

Therapy reminds me that I wrote seventy-six poems.Many of those poems will never appear anywhere for one reason or another, but most of them are currently on the website.

I also read twenty-seven books. I could read more, but I’m terrible about giving up on a book when I should and then don’t want to read. The next thing I know I’ve taken a month to read one book. I also try to strike a healthy balance between reading and writing. My goal is usually a few a month, or thirty-six/year, but I always fall short.

Okay, well, there’s my year. Truthfully, when I started typing I had no idea I’d be recapping the year. Blog posts go like that sometimes. Happy New Year!

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