10 Facts About Me

I thought I’d do something different this week and list facts about me, some of them a little unusual—or not. Many people do similar posts that are interesting. Me? Probably not nearly so interesting, but we’ll see.

Here we go…

(1) I’m right-handed, but should have been left-handed. My master eye is my left, for instance, which makes it difficult to hit a target with an object thrown with my right hand (it gave me a killer backhand in tennis, though). Additionally, on dexterity tests my left hand outscored my right every time.

A gargoyle.
A gargoyle. Photo: ©2014, Christina Anne Hawthorne

(2) When I started developing my fantasy world, Ontyre, I started a gargoyle collection. In Ontyre gargoyles are often trained like guard dogs, except they watch the property from the roof. In my apartment they’re everywhere.

(3) Though not a neat freak about a lot of things, I am when it comes to labels. Open my pantry, refrigerator, or medicine cabinet and all the labels are pointed out, even on the items in the back. I’d blame it on working in retail long ago, but I’ve always been that way.

(4) I nearly died at birth. It was deemed certain at the time, prompting the nurse to baptize me in the delivery room. A priest arrived soon after and my mother was told I wouldn’t survive the day. I was breech, the umbilical cord wrapped around my throat so that I emerged a blue baby.

(5) Maybe I’m not the only one who does this … microwave keypads. Where others would enter 3:30, I’d enter 3:33 so I could tap three times fast without having to reposition my finger. I also try to enter numbers left to right, thus I’ll enter 0:13 instead of 0:15. Perhaps more strange is that I think about this at all.

(6) I’ve lived more than six months in seven states: New York (birth state), Arkansas, Vermont, Florida, Wyoming, Washington, and Montana (current state). The one I usually forget about is Arkansas because I was only a few years old. Some of these were repeats (moving away and moving back). No wonder that between 7th and 9th grade I attended four schools.

(7) It’s seldom that I write without music, and unless I’m listening to alpha wave music I listen to a playlist I’ve created. It’s about mood, which means my reaction to a song is that matters. Thus, for a sad scene I’ll play a song from a sad moment in my life.

(8) I probably shouldn’t tell anyone about this, but I have a blue spot on my nose that’s been there since I was in 3rd grade. I was on the school bus and the boy in the seat ahead of me spun around and took my pencil. I grabbed it and pulled. He let go and the point drove into my nose. Before you look, it’s almost impossible to spot in photos, though I can find it easy enough in a mirror from five feet away.

Photo: CA Hawthorne
Photo: CA Hawthorne

(9) I’ve ridden the Disney ride, “It’s a Small World,” in three different locations. Two are easy enough: Disneyland in California and DisneyWorld in Florida. The third, though, was in New York when it was previewed at the New York World’s Fair in 1964-65 (yes, I just dated myself).

(10) When I was sixteen I was struck by two cars in the same accident. I was crossing a four lane street downtown and failed to account for the car in the inner lane coming from my left. When the car in the outer lane passed I ran out, was tossed fifty feet into the oncoming traffic, and hit again. Strangest of all, I had a cuts, bruises, and a bruised kidney—and that was all. I limped for months, but didn’t break a bone.

Well, there’s my list of facts I haven’t shared often or that I could put a new twist on. 

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