Project Transition

My transition from the end of one project to the beginning of another lasted nine hours, enough time for sleep and breakfast. I don’t take writing/editing vacations unless I have no choice. No doubt this sounds like amazing dedication, but instead it’s a passion for storytelling.

Pannulus - 2019. Map: CA Hawthorne
Pannulus – 2019. Map: CA Hawthorne

I’m serious.

I’m the person who, if she finishes NaNoWriMo early jumps into drafting short stories to finish out the month. I literally can’t wait to start my next project because there’s always a next project. If it’s the middle of the day I close one Scrivener file and open another.

This time, and almost a year after I first conceived of Stealing Light, the first draft is completed. After all that you’d think I’d be cursing it, but I’m actually pleased with the story and the six short stories that go with it.

Now it’s time to let Stealing Light rest for awhile and return to Carrdia for an extended stay, beginning with my initial edit of So Others Might Remember, the third Carrdia novel where Riparia is the lead character.

Map: CA Hawthorne
Map: CA Hawthorne

I’m one of those odd writers who enjoys editing and this is the longest I’ve been away from it. Last November was spent drafting So Others Might Remember. December was devoted to drafting 10 short stories. January was spent stitching together two aborted drafts of Stealing Light and drafting the scenes that needed inserted. For February, I drafted the remaining 40% of Stealing Light. Over those four months I did a little short story editing, but not much.

My plan going forward is to do a quick, initial edit of So Others Might Remember first, with my focus on cleaning up the multitude of typos and glaring errors. At the same time, I’ll put together a more detailed plan for editing (Revision Map).

At that point I’ll return to the first Riparia novel, Trust in the Forgotten. It’s in excellent shape, but there are a few world building issues I need to fix. It’s also time to be picky with that one and check voice consistency, repetitive words, tired verbs, and all that.

Riparia at Lake Seclusion.
Riparia at Lake Seclusion.

After Trust, I’ll jump into Bk2, A River in Each Hand, and so on until I’m back to Remember (included in this is the prequel and two periphery novels). By then it’ll probably be late summer or early autumn, I’m guessing.

I’d kept all the Carrdia novels relatively short (for fantasy novels), but So Others Might Remember is a little different beast because there are so many players involved. When drafting I skimmed over some parts so I could have a completed draft, but there’s more that’ll go in it (and be cut).

It’s also different for other reasons. There’s humor, adventure, and romance, but it’s the most nightmarish despite being a tale of hope. Actually, all my novels, at their heart, are about hope, though themes and tone can vary. Varying the feel of each one was a vow I made to myself when I started writing.

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