When Life Dishes Up a Change of Plans

Well, this week went astray in a hurry, which resulted in Thursday arriving and me not having a blog post written. It’s also meant I’ve made little headway editing Trust in the Forgotten so far this week. Even so, I have high hopes for the rest of the week.

St. Patrick’s Hospital. Photo: CA Hawthorne

So, what do I talk about, even briefly? I guess I’ll share what happened, though it’s a bit embarrassing.

Quite simply, I blacked out at work on Tuesday morning. Of course, not wanting to do anything the easy way, I collided with most every piece of furniture in the immediate vicinity before someone caught me and lowered me to the floor. Or so I’ve been told, since I don’t remember much.

The floor was where I became aware again. Me being me, I apologized and wanted to return to work and was promptly informed I was staying where I was because an ambulance had been called.

Did I mention I was wearing my new dress? Okay, that isn’t important, but it seemed important at the time.

Within, well, a short time (my ability to tell time was suffering), the room filled with EMTs. After lots of checks and questions I was placed on a stretcher and rolled out of the facility. A ride to the hospital followed.

Did I mention that EMTs are pretty amazing. I mean, REALLY amazing.

There isn’t much to do in the ER when you’re just waiting for test results to come back. Photo: CA Hawthorne

Long story short, the vast majority of the time it isn’t possible to pinpoint what causes someone to faint and I was no different. Various tests were run, but it couldn’t be determined with any certainty, though much of the circumstantial evidence pointed to my heart, which isn’t a surprise. No, I didn’t have a heart attack. Instead, it was a combination of factors that might never come together again.

If nothing else, I’ve amassed new firsthand experiences for my writer brain. I haven’t blacked out before, so that was a first, and I haven’t ridden in an ambulance since I was a teenager.

More important, and more seriously, in my follow-up visit with my new doctor I discovered that, yes, I’d made the right decision choosing her. She’s amazing. It’s taken some time, but since I’ve moved to Missoula I’ve now found the perfect general practitioner and the perfect pulmonologist.

More than anything, though, I was impressed with the compassionate professionalism I encountered. That was my biggest takeaway. 

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