An Ontyre Update

When this is posted it’ll be Independence Day here in the US so I’ll keep this short with an update. I’m participating in CampNaNoWriMo this month. I’d have been editing anyway, but it will serve to light a bit of extra fire beneath me.

Courtesy: Pixabay
Mazatta. Courtesy: Pixabay

Because of the holiday I have the next four days off from work and plan to make great inroads into the editing. As is always the case, especially when I participate in NaNo, I like to start fast. Still, there’ll be time for reading, walks on the beautiful days forecasted, and maybe a bike ride.

I’ve started into Riparia’s Bk2, A River in Each Hand. Any talk of the book is a spoiler, of course, so it limits what I can say. What I can say is that it builds on the first book in many different ways, adding more POV, relationships, background revealed, and wonders of magic.

Although minor characters abound in the first book, Riparia spent much of the first half of the story in the company of one other person. As the novel progressed it became more complex. The second book begins as a group is forming. Thus, there’s a more elaborate dynamic at work.

Oh, there’s more than that. There’s history between many of the five members of the group, some of it good and some of it—not so much. With all that going on, they’re thrust into nightmarish circumstances in a location few would ever want to visit. Of course, there are a number of twists and revelations.

Map: CA Hawthorne
Map: CA Hawthorne

Back to the holiday…

Liberty and justice. Those are celebrated on the 4th of July here and they’re subtle themes in the books because they’re important to Riparia. Have a great day, everyone, no matter where you are, no matter who you are. Let there be liberty and justice—for all.

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