NaNoWriMo Diary, 2019: Week 1

I’m trying something a little different this NaNoWriMo. I thought I’d share a little of my experience as it happens. Keep in mind that I only work part time in the mornings and live alone so my distractions are fewer. That also translates into considerable time to write—assuming I don’t squander it.

Given social media, that’s easy to do.

NaNo Cover: CA Hawthorne

Too, my best guess on the length of Protecting the Pneuma Key is 120K. If I want to finish the book this month that translates into 4K per day. Last year I exceeded that average so I know it’s possible. Then again, it was a good thing I averaged more than that last year because my guess on that book’s length was too low.

All right, here we go…

Day 1

A Friday, I took the day off to create a three-day weekend so I could get a good start. Well, it was a slow start in the morning. I slept a lot of hours the night before and was groggy. Too, I’d had one of those nightmares that lingers as if real. After shaking it, I launched into the story. The opening was set in my mind and not that difficult. After that, I slowed a bit. Early in the story usually sees at least one new character introduced each chapter. I also made lasagna. Count: 5,031

Day 2

A bit of intrigue and mystery entered into the story. Too, I had the advantage of having my feet beneath me. No more cold starts. The emotions seemed deeper, the story gaining momentum. More new characters were introduced. Count: 5,847

Day 3

The day that changed everything. The first chapter of the day was one I sensed would be needed, but wasn’t certain why. In other words, it was instinct. Still, I’d written a few notes as a starting point. When I wrote it went deep into a character’s pain and also deepened a friendship, along with exposing the MCs blindness to her own life. I cried. My hands shook. Inspired, I typed faster and drove through the Inciting Incident. Count: 6,095

Day 4

Back to work. There was a bit of a hangover from the big weekend, but those are the times when I have to suck it up and dive in. It helped that I wrote over 600 words before leaving in the morning. There’s always foreshadowing going on, but there was more on this day in-particular compared to the days preceding. A lot of it pertained to the First Plot Point and the Climax. Count: 4,282

Day 5

I had difficulty sleeping and was up at 5AM. This is the dark side of NaNo and creativity, yet I was glad for the additional time. It was also the day I reached the First Plot Point and the love interest was introduced. Needless to say, that set fire to my fingers. Count: 4,445

Day 6

Wednesday. The last day before I post to the blog. I was awake at 4:45. I stayed in bed for a 30 minutes more, but there was no sleep. Instead, I checked mail on my phone to save time once I got up. As if that was real sleep. On the other end, after work, I made great headway. It was easier having both of the lead characters interacting. On the other hand, I was fading from too little sleep. Pushing hard, I got my words in and made it to bed earlier than I had in a few days. Count: 4,549

I’ll pick this back up for my second NaNo week beginning with Day 7, which is the day I’ll post to the blog.

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