NaNoWriMo Diary 2019: Week 3

I’m continuing to share my progress as I strive to draft a complete novel in a month. I’ve done it many times before so the outcome isn’t in much doubt, but I still wanted people to see what it requires (from me, at least).

NaNo Cover: CA Hawthorne

I’ve no idea what people think about my completing a novel every NaNo (and a couple of Camp NaNos). It isn’t easy. Below reveals some of the emotional and physical toll it takes. That’s especially true because I’ve always made a deep emotional investment in every novel and short story I’ve ever written.

So, here we go through the third week. Each entry was written on the designated day.

Day 14: It’s strange the way I can be overtired and wandering around in a daze, yet I sit down to write and my mind comes alive. That was the beginning to the day when I wrote over 500 words before work. An afternoon session was moderately successful, the evening the same, but it was all enough. Plus, I got to bed earlier. Count: 4,135

Day 15: My last day before an extended weekend. As has been the case, I burned with productivity in the afternoon, but then struggled to reach my 4K goal (yes, even though I’m ahead I still try to reach it). Though little of it was my best work, it’s hinting at revelations I’m struggling to see. Weariness has driven me to stop most of the way through a chapter. Intuition, yet again, says the morning will reveal much. Count: 4,320

Day 16: The threshold to four days off and the second half of the month. I started with a long night’s sleep and then used the rest of the morning to step back and reexamine the story. I was right the night before. Yet again there was a major breakthrough like during the first week, and yet again it was in a chapter I’d struggled to define in the outline. All aspects of the Pneuma Key have become clear. It’s more than an object of magic, it’s also truth and a central theme. A walk followed. Inspired writing followed that. Count: 5,289

Day 17: An unexpectedly rough day. Between battling a depressive episode and having to make my way through emotional scenes I was a bit of a mess. By evening I had to stop writing to perform self-care. Sometimes what we write is far too close to the heart. My heart was trampled. Count: 4,158

Pannulus - 2019. Map: CA Hawthorne
Pannulus – 2019. Map: CA Hawthorne

Day 18: A better day on many levels. After a better night’s sleep I got moving right away rather than allow the taint of my struggles the day before to invade. I went for some retail therapy. It helped. As soon as I returned home I went for a 2-mile walk. All of it aided in fading my toxic thoughts. Once home, I launched into the story and the words flowed. Disaster was averted, on a personal and writing level. Too, writing banter between love interests always helps, as did delving into the world of potion dens. Count: 4,936

Day 19: Day four of my four days off and back to the emotional cyclone that is me. I took a walk in the rain. Cried through some scenes. At last, I reached the Climax’s threshold. I thought in the planning stage that this novel was too close to me, not in story, but in themes. I was right. Even so, I cherish every minute working on it. Count: 4626

Day 20: It’s funny how, when I know I’m nearing the end, my pace slows. I’m not agonizing over words, but am paying more attention to the story itself. I remain quite close to the outline, probably closer than I ever have. I also know that the exact nature of the climax isn’t cast in stone. In fact, there were elements of it I wasn’t happy with and figured would become more clear when I actually reached it. Soon I’ll know how true that line of reasoning was. Count: 4,002

Total count for the month so far? 94,726. My initial, beginning to end, linear draft is nearing its end.

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