NaNoWriMo Diary 2019: Week 4

I’m continuing to share my NaNoWriMo month with everyone. There may be those who are wondering why. After all, I already won. The answer to that is contained in my diary for Week 4 below…

NaNo Cover: CA Hawthorne

Day 21: It’s Thursday and I’m deep into the climax now, the long awaited confrontation with the mysterious antagonist in motion. The weather and my determination have combined to drive my inspiration harder. There’s nothing like a walk for me to sort out scenes, to run through them in my mind and rerun them if necessary. The weather was cool, but clear with no wind. I walked. I arrived home and powered through chapters. Count: 4,068

Day 22: Another walk. I also plowed through the climax to reach the denouement. In isolated moments my mind has touched on ideas for how I’ll finish out the month, but for now there’s finishing the novel, which should come on Saturday. Count: 4,117

Day 23: The big day! I ran errands early and found myself at the shoe store (funny how often that happens). Once home, I went for a walk and formalized all I wanted to do with the ending. It was slow going because my vision was fussy and particular. It went better than expected, though I had to push myself until late. Did it. The first draft of Protecting the Pneuma Key was done. Whew!  Count: 4,922 (Novel’s Count: 107,833)

Day 24: A day of rest? Hahaha … not for me. I’d decided days ago that finishing early was too early. I wasn’t ready to leave the characters or the drive that powers me in November. While drafting the denouement to Pneuma Key another story was whispering to me. A sequel novella presented itself and begged to be written. A story that’d turn the ending of the first story on its head (kinda). Knowing the ending, I outlined the beginning and dove in!  Count: 4,136

Day 25: It was back to my job, but the novella sequel was on my mind a lot. In a way it can be summed up as be careful what you wish for. For the moment, at least, the sequel has a working title of Zephtasha’s Big Day. Given I rushed into this extra project and didn’t work out many details, I had to slow down because the story was starting to wander and wander-itis is poison. Count: 4,009

Day 26: Back on track! Walking from my car to work I better determined plot points, particularly the midpoint. Lesson learned. A novella requires more planning than a short story. After work I rushed home and took a 2-mile walk before the weather turned bad. I ran through some scenes to help me on my way. Count: 4,089

Pannulus - 2019. Map: CA Hawthorne
Pannulus – 2019. Map: CA Hawthorne

Day 27: These are the days when it’s internal goals that push you. After all, NaNo itself is a distant point in my rearview mirror. That’s the point, really. NaNo is a launching point, that moment when you escape the Earth’s atmosphere. I left the Earth’s orbit on the 10th. I then reached Saturn on the 23rd (finished the novel) and am now exploring Saturn’s moon, Titan (writing the novella). Liftoff was vital, but it was a small part of the journey. After liftoff the desire to explore must take over. I passed the novella’s midpoint. Count: 4,066

If you review my week you’ll see that it was a struggle, that I was nearing the end of the month, NaNo was won, and the novel was drafted. Yet, I continued to push.

It’s because my internal goals weren’t yet met.

My drive to finish with a complete writing month weren’t yet satisfied. At the same time, yes, I was growing weary. Thus, my days surging were balanced with my days relying on shear force of will. I don’t participate in NaNo to win, I do it to complete. Similarly, I don’t write to start projects, I write to tell a complete story. How fortunate that my creativity continues to provide me with an unending supply of ideas.

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