Bad Writing Advice: Naming Stuff

For fantasy writers, especially, naming is critical. World building demands it. Of course, world building demands a lot of things, but there are those pesky rules. No excessive backstory. No Continue Reading →

The Border (Part 2 of 2)

*It’s four years since I wrote a short story and was more than a little astonished when this story leaped into my mind. For those who are returning after reading Continue Reading →

The Border (Part 1 of 2)

The girl paused at the entrance, a hand resting against the wall and eyes surveying the broken panes, cracked floor, and dust coated counters where tiny prints crisscrossed the elevated Continue Reading →

Rogue Personalities

I have rogue personalities and they’re on the run. No, not multiple personalities. Of course not. Well, not anymore. I used to have a bunch, but at one point they Continue Reading →

When I Was Dead

The tale that is this mended heart. When I was dead… …Time was meaningless, a vague memory important in childhood, but in adulthood passing me by. The past was a Continue Reading →

A Shadow Like Me

I floated in a formless gloom, the sense that up and down were in opposition to where sanity insisted they should exist. I reached for comfort, but found torment instead. Continue Reading →


An empty room. Bare walls, the decorations stripped away, the pink pigment faded to white. The outlines where the paint isn’t peeling exist as hints, as shapes representing a life Continue Reading →