Orangey Sky – Bringing a Worldbuilding Element to Life

When my stories evolve from one draft to another there’s little that’s as thrilling as witnessing the stages of improvement. That’s the big picture. Looking closer, there are the insights Continue Reading →

The Opening Sequence

Last week I said I’d talk about how I write opening sequences. Much to my amazement, I’m remembering to do just that. There might be another term for it, or Continue Reading →

Applying Lessons in 2020

Whoops. Sorry. The problem with taking time off from the blog is how easy it is to forget to come back when you’re busy. At least I only missed my Continue Reading →

The Beneva Wizard

For your enjoyment, this week I’m sharing a short story originally written in 2017. It’s Ontyre fantasy, a holiday story set in Raspell, Pannulus. It’s the tale of sixteen year-old Continue Reading →

It’s 2015 All Over Again

Yes, it’s 2015 all over again. That is, it is for me in one aspect of my life that parallels an experience that began in August 2015. In this, 2019, Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Diary 2019: Week 5 & Review

NaNoWriMo has concluded. As a part of my diary series I’m covering the last several days of NaNo and looking back at the month. The experience is always a unique Continue Reading →