Daring to Emerge

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I can’t begin to express how much I’m delighting in autumn this year. The colors around the city and on the hillsides are brilliant. Each trip down the walking path Continue Reading →

Finding Magic

Photo: CA Hawthorne

An exhausting 13-hour journey, in the end, rendered me refreshed and inspired. I sought change and found magic. The reality that is the writer I am found the world she Continue Reading →

Another Day to Hold Dear

Photo: CA Hawthorne

My birthday is next week, a day I spent in the ICU four years ago. Over the course of that horrific year it increasingly looked like I’d spend the rest Continue Reading →

A Good Old-Fashioned Status Update

Lake Seclusion.

I’m standing in the midst of what must seem a lull to the world at large, but from my perspective the tornado is taking me to Oz. All the changes Continue Reading →

My Beloved Mountains

How I love mountains around me… Well, okay, they aren’t mine in the sense that I own them, but they sure feel like they should be mine. I’m an advocate Continue Reading →