Meanwhile, More Tragedy

Montana is burning. So are many other states in the west, but I’m in Montana and I can see first hand that Montana is burning. Already it’s gone on far Continue Reading →

Beating the Prognosis

Photo: CA Hawthorne.

One life to live. For some it plays out as expected, though always there are bumps in the road. For others it’s cut tragically short before it’s hardly begun or Continue Reading →

The View from the Eye

What to say during this time between the chaos that dominated my life over the last month and the move that’s less than two weeks away? What to say from Continue Reading →

Stepping Back

Ice, snow, and wind were waiting alongside the road, but peace was waiting at the journey’s end… I wish I could hug you all, for you’ve demonstrated extraordinary patience while Continue Reading →

My Beloved Mountains

How I love mountains around me… Well, okay, they aren’t mine in the sense that I own them, but they sure feel like they should be mine. I’m an advocate Continue Reading →

I Was Wrong

“I was wrong.” Words we don’t often hear. Words that are difficult to say. Words that seem to imply there’s something wrong with us. That isn’t the case. Seeing the Continue Reading →