Growing Just A Little

No more New Year’s resolutions for me… January 1st is a holiday and the year’s starting point because we humans have designated it so. Calendars are a human invention, as Continue Reading →

When I Was Dead

The tale that is this mended heart. When I was dead… …Time was meaningless, a vague memory important in childhood, but in adulthood passing me by. The past was a Continue Reading →

A Shadow Like Me

I floated in a formless gloom, the sense that up and down were in opposition to where sanity insisted they should exist. I reached for comfort, but found torment instead. Continue Reading →

Battling for Treasure

It isn’t long since I discovered the most exquisite treasure… Perhaps several readers are concluding at this point that I’m talking about my writing? Actually, I’m talking about what makes Continue Reading →

The Me I Seek Is Me

Long have I sought that distant land beyond the horizon. Always it was there in my mind, yet just out of reach. And then I arrived, for I’d been there Continue Reading →


I climbed the tower stairs, one hesitant step after another, the passage as cold as the first time. The deepest dark lingered behind me. The dank, surrounding stone released a Continue Reading →